Hair extensions is hair that can be attached to your natural hair or scalp which help to thicken the appearance of your hair or add more length to it. The strands of hair are usually joined to the scalp for permanent extensions. These can be left in anywhere from 4 – 5 months before your maintenance is due.
Maintenance consists of removing your hair extensions, re-bonding the hair and then Re-attaching them. This is necessary because our natural hair grows around 1cm a month. (Previous hair extensions can be reused)
Hair extensions come in two different types, synthetic and human hair. As far as the human type is concerned it is more expensive, but is more natural looking. Hair extensions can be pre-colored, pre-highlighted or pre-permed. The hair extensions strands are glued in place and attached to your hair.

Personal experience
When I first decided I wanted to have luscious locks, my first thought was PRICE!!
Hair extensions are a costly luxury BUT it need not break the bank! I am a qualified hair dresser so I am sure you can image my standards on the quality of hair was high, but to my disappointment the hair I received knotted and tangled every 10 minutes, which takes the joy out of having them!!
I decided to do a hair extensions course to ensure the next batch were up to standard and to allow me to be in a position to offer everyone else out there a pleasant and affordable experience with extensions!!

Information on hair extensions and maintenance
Hair Extensions ARE a girls BEST FRIEND, and they help us to feel confident, look gorgeous and feel great, but along with that they do need to be taken care of here are some facts and maintenance rules to always looking and feeling great with your extensions…

It is advised that you don’t wash your hair for at least 48 hours after having your hair extensions to allow the bonds need time to set. It is important that you do not get conditioner on the bonds as they will get weak and soft. Always gently dry your hair and do not take any shortcuts when caring for it. It is recommended that you use a hair extension brush, because normal brushes can rip and break the hair.

You may feel discomfort after having your hair extensions put in and also whilst sleeping where the bonds have been attached. This usually goes away after about 4-5 days. Some clients have experienced itching on their scalp, this is normal! Once you have had your hair extensions fitted, you will notice that some of the hairs may shed and occasionally and you may lose some of the actual bonds. This is nothing abnormal, most people lose up to 10 strands! Most people will see that the condition of their hair improves after having hair extensions because they are doing less heat and/or product damage to their hair due to having the extensions in.

You will often see hairs coming off on your brush or when you wash your hair, this is normal. These are loose hairs that haven’t been attached to the bond properly and remember people lose up to 100 hairs everyday naturally. I would suggest you plait your hair when sleeping. You can style your hair extensions as normal hair; you can straighten, curl, blow-dry, colour, and cut them because they are human hair. Hair extensions should be kept in for 3- 5 months, this is because when they grow out and it is easy for them to become matted.

The Salon
My salon is a private tranquil setting where you can totally relax and enjoy the experience. We not only specialise in Hair extensions we also specialise in colour, cuts and styling. We use MATRIX and WELLA products. In today’s fast paste world we often feel rushed and stressed when entering salons as there is always another client waiting. With us you receive one on one attention. We also offer a number of different treatments like: Nails, pedicures, manicures, facials, ozone and massage. It is designed to be a woman’s paradise!

Rates will be quoted individually and is subject to how many strands of hair you use, the colour, and length. As I said before it does NOT have to break the bank and for our clients we work around these things. Being beautiful starts from the inside and your extensions only enhance the outer!! I also offer discounts on colour and treatments if they are done either before or after your extensions. (MATRIX and WELLA products are used)

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